Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Mechanical Design Day 2016 (OSCAR)

I'm not just a blogger or a part time passive writer.

My current major is Mechanical Engineering, and here is my team's project that has won us first place. It took many sleepless weeks to get this done. The results were immense.

We did our outmost best and we deserved the win.

As it stands, we are looking for sponsorship to join the upcoming Formula SAE race that will be held in October the 5th. The car needs a total makeover, an upgrade. We managed to come up with this with only our class's money that we collected throughout the semester, imagine what we can do with your sponsorship. Formula SAE is an international event that goes out to AUSTRALIA, UNITED STATES, FRANCE, GERMANY and many other great countries. Your sponsorship will be seen by the world! Any information regarding the car, the sponsorship, the race, or the Formula SAE do contact us

at or

personally contact me at

#spreadtheword #FSAE #Oscar

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