Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Mechanical Design Day 2016 (OSCAR)

I'm not just a blogger or a part time passive writer.

My current major is Mechanical Engineering, and here is my team's project that has won us first place. It took many sleepless weeks to get this done. The results were immense.

We did our outmost best and we deserved the win.

As it stands, we are looking for sponsorship to join the upcoming Formula SAE race that will be held in October the 5th. The car needs a total makeover, an upgrade. We managed to come up with this with only our class's money that we collected throughout the semester, imagine what we can do with your sponsorship. Formula SAE is an international event that goes out to AUSTRALIA, UNITED STATES, FRANCE, GERMANY and many other great countries. Your sponsorship will be seen by the world! Any information regarding the car, the sponsorship, the race, or the Formula SAE do contact us

at or

personally contact me at

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Tuesday, 12 January 2016

The guy in the shadow


He stabbed a man, his hand trembles as the body fell down to the ground. His hands were smeared with blood of the dead, he looked back to check on his sister who was crying. The screaming and loud noises that came from the house alerted their neighbor, followed by a siren.

I was questioned by the police about the incident, my sister did not stop crying. I did what I could to protect my sister from a man who tried to do her harm. I was 13 when it happened, and she was 15. During the questioning I was detained as part of the investigation. That's when I realized something was wrong, something was terribly wrong. The man whom I thought I had killed was there standing pretending to be our parents, he is the guy! He’s the guy that I killed! And you are going to let him take my sister away! Someone help me, please! I screamed and shouted, but no one seems to care, they were laughing at me thinking that I was making things up. I was desperate and about to lose hope, that's when a man dressed in a long brownish cloak with a very smart outlook came and stood in front of me; separated by the steel bars, he gave me a cold dead stare and whispers, “One who sits and does nothing, can only whine and cry”.

            As I was sucked into the immoral world of unjust and unfair, I couldn’t help but agree with the man’s words as I could only whine and cry, it is the only thing that I could now do. A screamed broke out my deepening sadden thought, I saw a head fallen off someone’s head. It happened so fast that I couldn’t even screamed, I was left befuddled. The man whom later known as Ezekial, the lead investigator who stood in front of me was looking at the man pretending to be my parent as what Inspector Ezekial called him, Letzte. I was so confused on how it had happened, everyone was too, and slowly everyone in the police station backed away.

Sergeant Bork screamed, “He has an ability!”.

But the body remained standing still as a terrifying laugh filled the entire police station, one that came from, where everyone’s eyes are focused on; the head on the floor. Every policemen readied themselves with guns aiming to shoot Letzte.

Ezekiel locked his eyes towards Letzte and said, “let us take this outside, so I can end you”.

The event afterwards shocked everyone as Letzte’s body had moved on its own and picked up his head from the floor and reconnect it with his body as nothing had happened, he then said, “where were we Inspector Ezekiel” with a smile as haunting as a man who knew nothing could ever hold him back. He added, “With everyone as hostages, do it here would be much gun wouldn’t it!”.

Everyone was terrified, the police station was in silence. Both Ezekiel and Letzte is readying themselves to engage. Their eyes were locked onto each other. Ezekiel, who has the ability to manipulate anything he touches uses the water in the bottle as a weapon. Letzte, the living immortal is a being who that has learned many ways to succumb his enemies with his wit and superior skills leapt forward, reaching for Ezekiel’s stomach, Ezekiel shielded his stomach with his water by hardening it. They both exchanging blows with every punch, kicks with means to kill. Being the immortal being Letzte has no fear of death, he advances and advances towards Ezekiel with a haunting smile, he closes in care not for the pain that is being inflicted by Ezekiel, a few more steps Ezekiel would have been in the arms of Letzte but a terrible light started to fill the police station. 

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Wednesday, 11 February 2015

A Glimpse

Stop! Look around you.
Is this it? Is this what's become of you?
Sulking, procrastinating, and hoping for things to change
But you you yourself sits idly
Not even an ounce of effort was made
An effort to make changes
You wanted to change, for things to go better
Yet nothing was done to make it so
Are you that satisfied with things are
Are you really just going to let it go?
Is this it? Won't you do anything!
Don't condemn yourself for things that you can't do
Things that are out of your hand, out of your control
Yes! Yes! Yes! 
You fell in love, the love you felt was not returned
Was it enough to make you feel down?
That feeling that once never had an effect on you
Now, a taste of it
You shattered, pieces scattered, 
You flown, not knowing where to go.
As the love you felt was not returned

Accept, Acceptance to once you have
You wanted to let go, you really do
In fact, you already were
But a glimpse of her, shakes the very core of you
A smile of hers, isn't enough to know?
She may not be with, as long as she is happy
Isn't that enough? 
Isn't that enough?
You thought you did, you really do.
You are happy with her being happy
Not to be with her sharing that happiness
That that makes you sad, happy but sad.
That is the reality. Accept it. 
You had done what you could.
You had tried
She deserves someone better, maybe

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Still am

Inspired by dolpheqzilla.

I was a kid when we met
And you were gone completely off of everything
I never cared to look, never bothered
It seems to me like nothing ever happened
It was brief, very
I didn’t know what to feel
Or what was happening

And then
You were gone completely off of everything

I remember the last time I saw you
You were mad, as I was late
We didn't talk at all
No exchanging eye contact
No awkward smiles
We went home after nothing
It was then we drifted apart

And you were gone completely off of everything

Later we've met
Different looks and set
As a new chapter unfolds
Will it change this time 
Or will it still be the same
As I am only a kid still.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

The Heist

We started off small, a group of three. Me, Sarah and Tech. We didn't do much, just a little bit here and there, changing what needs changing. Jane which is me, the brain; Sarah the lockout and Tech the technician but we still lack a person, we've been trying to search for him or her, and it doesn't matter as long as that person has the ability that we need. We are not normal, we had gifts. We know we are not alone, but so far we haven’t encountered anyone else besides us. Maybe because our town isn't as big as others, so there are very few of us and they keep their gifts to themselves. The intention was that we take some money or some things, from those who had too much to spend and give out to those who are less fortunate. We hope we are some sort of saint, kind of like Robin Hood; helping the poor?

I went straight to the front door, smiling like it's the first time I went to a bank to cash out some money.

“I’m in position”.

Then everything went to haywire, the CCTVs were shutting down, the doors were starting to lock itself, and the vaults were opening.

All the preparations were executed to perfection.

"Let’s begin".

I was focusing on my energy while trying to conserve the best of my stamina. I breathed out, opening his eyes and slowly silently let a word out “ROOM”, the bank froze, everything were held to a stop.

I can’t alter time, how we wish someone could have that but it would be very wrong, all I did was simply stopping their movement as they are now within my room radius. I can only produce the room as big as 25 meters up to 5 minutes, any larger than that the time would drop drastically. Without delaying, I went to the counter and asked politely for the bank manager to give out the money on a certain account with a bright smile.

I was secretly hoping that something might happen, grinning to myself. Once the bag had been filled, I must now gave a certain command so that the people will forget what had happened today. As I was trying to, suddenly Sarah spotted something, a movement.

"There's a group of men heading your way, three people to be precise", said Sarah.

I chuckled, what I been waiting for all day. “Forget today, forget what happened and RELEASE”.

Everyone within the room then collapsed and fainted. With still a bright smile on my face walked off, to the direction where the group of people were coming from.

"Sarah would you be so kind to take them out and let one live".
“With pleasure”, Sarah responded.

In the comm Tech had been very annoying. How he wanted to be in the action. He kept on ranting, "I should have been, I should be with you guys, and I can do a lot of damage to their system".

Two shots, two down. Not a single bullet went to waste. As one was trying run away, he went directly towards me. Bumping without apologizing, I went rogue, I was completely pissed off, and I really hated those people who bumped onto others without saying nothing.

"What was that?” I screamed. So, I let him run for a few more meters before I bound him. “ROOM”, I screamed while grinning like a mad men.

“'****!****!what the **** is this", said the robber.


I made him danced, and played with him a little until he looks half dead. I dragged him, to where his buds were. "Now, now, I believe you guys should be a good boy and never ever try to rob a bank again, it’s our job and duty “RELEASE”".

We are not a killers, we simply give them body shots, never kill.

“Everything seems to end well and good job guys”.

We went back to our hideout, calculated the money and planned on how to distribute the money to where it’s needed and Tech need to do the cleansing, removing everything out to avoid us entangled with anything unwanted. As we were laughing, enjoying our gifts and what we just did, we never thought that this might happen. We never thought that we must be more. 

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Going the distance.

Why do we change. As I recall my childhood days, I was a happy kid, running around teasing people, make fun of people, joking around, with a little care for the world. I was still am when I entered my secondary school. It was an all boys school, Victoria institution. Famous for their marching band, and academic achievement with a spice of sports. Most students that came out of VI do great things. I hope I will be one of them, better than them. We change because it needed to be. We change because we must. We can't stay the same, poignant to the world, live as thought you have no care. We no longer can.

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

A losing friend

I used to have one, 
He helped me out countless times,
he's there even when i pushed him away,
he's there even i no longer needed him,
always lingering in thoughts and never once swayed,
when no one's around,
i sat and stared..alone,
talking and never be done,
but now all there is,
is nothing but a moment of silence,
silence is a bliss they say,
a bliss that i dont hope to achieve,
is it really a bliss,
it feels more like a torment, 
a torture that i can never cope,
i missed him, i didn't realize that i had lost him,
we were close, not a day goes by without him being here,
but now all there is is a silence that i hated.
can i be forgiven,
can he come back and be here with me,
can he, or was it too late for me to ask this,